Tutor and supervisor

A tutor is assigned to each doctoral candidate upon commencing of studies for consultation on the organisation of the studies, choice of courses and other matters pertaining to the studies. The tutor must at all times be an academic employee at the University of Iceland in the programme in question. 
The supervisor shall assist the student with the final project. The faculty may authorise an external co-supervisor who fulfills the requirements of general University regulations and Faculty regulations. Supervisors that are not members of the University’s academic staff must in general have a Ph.D. The doctoral student’s project must be within the speciality of the supervisor. All doctoral supervisors must be qualified in accordance with the University’s frame of reference and quality requirements in doctoral studies. They must be recognized specialists in their field and be published in accredited academic journals.

The tutor and the supervisor are usually the same person.

The tutor, in co-operation with the doctoral student, submits a study plan subject to the approval of the faculty. The supervisor guides the student in her/his doctoral work. The supervisor and the candidate meet regularly during the period of the studies. Regulations on doctoral studies do not stipulate the frequency of these meetings, nevertheless, it is assumed that they are most frequent in the beginning and towards the end of the studies. Should the supervisor retire or be unable to fulfil his duties as a supervisor another one will be appointed if at all possible. If disagreement arises between the candidate and her/his supervisor the matter must be remitted to the permanent committee for graduate studies for evaluation and solution. 
The appointment of a supervisor is generally put before the faculty’s permanent committee by the end of the first semester of doctoral studies. Some faculties require that a potential supervisor and doctoral committee accompany the application for doctoral studies. 
The Graduate School ratifies whether supervisors in graduate studies fulfil the frame of reference and quality requirements. 


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