Submission and layout of doctoral theses

Faculty regulations stipulate submission of doctoral theses. They also stipulate the number of copies, cost and submission of copies to the National and University Library of Iceland. The theses must in general be available in the school’s / faculty’s office and the National and University Library of Iceland four weeks prior to the doctoral defence. The doctoral thesis must clearly indicate in the introduction that the research is carried out at the University of Iceland; the names of the opponents; the school; and the faculty. The introduction must also include all research institutes and University funds that have sponsored the project as well as the institutions or companies outside the University that may be linked to the process. The thesis may be written in Icelandic or English including an abstract in both languages. The thesis may be written in another language subject to the doctoral committee’s approval and the faculty may permit the doctoral candidate to speak another language at the defence. The doctoral candidate must, furthermore, follow the Faculty’s regulations regarding layout and references. The front page of the thesis must have the University of Iceland’s logo. However, logos from other institutions than accredited universities are not permitted. In the event of a joint PhD with another recognised university or universities, in accordance with an agreement thereon, the front page must bear the seal of both or all universities involved.

The doctoral candidate bears the cost of the publication of the thesis and ensures delivery to the National and University Library of Iceland. An electronic copy must be saved in the database Skemma, run by the University Library.


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