Rights and obligations of Doctoral students

Doctoral stutents both enjoy the privilege and assume the responsibilities of being a student at the University of Iceland. Doctoral stutents, like all other students and members of staff, are to abide by University regulations. This includes avoiding any conduct in their studies or demeanour that, within or outside the University, can potentially bring discredit upon them or the University. 

A doctoral degree the highest degree given by the University. Doctoral stutents have, therefore, in many ways a comparable standing as academic employees, even though they are not employed at the University. It is expected that they be active participants in academic discussion within their field of expertise and be role models for other students. 
It is imperative that doctoral stutents acquaint themselves with regulations and ethics relevant to academic work and adopt accepted methodology. This includes employees and students conducting themselves respectfully, both in personal interaction and in their writing. They should use objective arguments; work together with integrity and not let personal connections and vested interests influence their work. 

Specific issues that pertain to these factors; such as responsibilities to academia, mutual responsibilities of academic staff and students and responsibilities towards Icelandic Society at large are stated in the University of Iceland’s Code of Ethics. The primary duty of both academic staff and students is to always work in the spirit that knowledge has value in itself at the core of all their endeavours; in addition to its value for individuals and the community; therein lies the responsibility to science and humanity. The modus operandi must above all be academic; to search for the truth and formulate it honourably and with due respect. The academic staff’s and students’ mutual responsibility involves, on the one hand, the tutor’s responsibility to contribute to the student’s education with quality supervision and guidance; appropriate standards; encouragement and good example. On the other hand the student’s responsibility is to be respectful and considerate towards the tutors; to abide by their reasonable instructions; to be fair in all communications; to avoid misconduct; and observe University protocol on good work methods in teaching and evaluation. Responsibility towards the Icelandic community entails that academic staff, specialists and students alike promote and strengthen the position of research in the community at large, as well as contributing to and encouraging objective and critical exchange of opinions.




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