Standards and requirements of individual schools for the quality of Master's programmes at the University of Iceland

Schools and faculties at the University of Iceland organise and bear professional responsibility for a Master's programme at the school, its gist, organisation and implementation. Under The Higher Education Institutions Act no. 63/2006 and The Public Higher Education Institutions Act no. 85/2008, the University Council sets general rules on graduate programmes, and they are in Chapter VI of the Rules of the University of Iceland no. 569/2009. It states therein that the University's schools and faculties may organise graduate programmes, Master's and Doctorate programmes, in accordance with the framework set out there. More detailed provisions on graduate studies are found in the special rules of schools and faculties regarding such programmes, which are confirmed by the University Council. Academic titles, conferred upon completion of a programme, are listed in Art. 55 of The Joint Rules.

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