Academic requirements for supervisors

A supervisor shall generally

  • have completed a doctorate or its equivalent in the relevant field of scholarship. A judgement of competence for the work of professor can replace a doctorate.
  • be recognised as an active specialist in the relevant field of scholarship.
  • be in active contact with a domestic and international academic association and announce this to his students.
  • have published writings that, for example, are related to a student's project, in an area with stringent academic requirements.
  • have demonstrated writing activity, measured in research points under a public university rating system, totalling at least 15 research points per year from specified categories of the rating system (so-called power points) or, on average, totalling 30 whole research points the last 3 years. If there are mitigating circumstances, the Board of Directors of the Graduate School may depart from this requirement (an example of this is if a supervisor does not meet the requirement for either research points or power points but does fulfil other professional requirements. This, for example, pertains to experienced scholars with successful research careers and supervisory experience behind them).
  • have experience with supervising doctoral programmes, for example, by being a member of doctoral committees or having considerable experience supervising research-related Master's programmes.
  • have considerable experience raising special funding from recognised research funds.
  • have considerable experience collaborating on research with internationally recognised specialists in a relevant field of scholarship outside the University of Iceland.

The Graduate School provides supervisors with information on their duties, rights and role and organises instruction and training for new supervisors to-be.

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