Announcements for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers regarding Covid-19

PhD students and postdoctoral researchers on grants

PhD students and postdoctoral researchers on grants who are facing potential difficulties in meeting their responsibilities because of issues with facilities that have arisen due to the COVID-19 epidemic should bear the following in mind:

  • As far as possible, people should try to complete their work at home when it is not possible on UI premises.
  • If it is clear that you will be facing an unavoidable inability to work, whether because of a building closure, illness or another factor, keep a record of lost time and the reasons for it.
  • When the situation with COVID-19 is over, the overview of lost working hours and the reasons for this should be sent to the human resources manager at the relevant school, signed by the PhD student / postdoctoral researcher and the supervisor/tutor.
  • The University will endeavour to compensate PhD students and postdoctoral researchers on grants for such loss of work. Each case will be considered individually and a position taken on the basis of the information submitted as quickly as possible.
  • Please contact the Division of Science and Innovation if you require further information.

Jón Atli Benediksson, Rector of the University of Iceland

20 March 2020


Regarding planned doctoral defences

In light of the difficulty holding doctoral defences due to the closure of University buildings and other issues caused by the response to COVID-19, the parties involved are asked to keep the following points in mind:

  • The faculty will determine whether to postpone all planned doctoral defences for the duration of the assembly ban.
  • If a faculty permits doctoral defences to go ahead, the doctoral candidate shall determine in consultation with the supervisor whether to postpone the defence. 
  • Doctoral defences during the assembly ban will take place using remote communications technology. Opponents and the doctoral committee will be connected via web conferencing software and the defence will be streamed live so that other people can watch. 
  • It is suggested that the doctoral candidate, the supervisor and the faculty head, who will manage the defence, be together in the same room in a University building for the defence at a distance of at least 2 metres from one another. Others will not be permitted into the room and may only take part in the defence using web conferencing software or watch the live stream of the defence. 
  • The faculty head will determine arrangements in more detail for defences taking place under these unusual circumstances.

For further information, please contact the project manager for doctoral studies at the relevant school.

Jón Atli Benediksson, Rector of the University of Iceland

20 March 2020

Announcements also published on Emergency response plan for Covid-19.

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