Application for study

Deadline of applications for doctoral studies at the University of Iceland is generally 15 April for the autumn semester and 15 October for the spring semester, nonetheless some faculties accept applications at other times.

An electronic application form for graduate studies is accessible at the University of Iceland’s website. The candidate enrols in courses on the same application form. Only compulsory courses, for example according to the study plan, or those especially approved by the supervisor are recognized as parts of individual doctoral programmes.

Upon reception of an application the standing committee of the respective faculty deliberates on it. When the committee has reached a decision the applicant, the Faculty of Council and Registration office are informed. The applicant should receive a written notification within six weeks of the deadline. Applications that do not meet faculty requirements are dismissed.

A tentative plan of study should accompany each application and a description of the research project. The faculty may require a detailed report on the study plan and on the research project. Changes in plans of study are subject to the approval of the Doctoral committee and the verification of the Graduate School.

Rejection of an application must be justified in writing by the Faculty. Outcomes must always be delivered to the Registration office.

Once the applicant has been approved for doctoral studies (s)he is responsible for her/his annual enrolment, registration for individual  courses and payment of registration fees. The candidate is to enrol in March / April each year for the following academic year and pay the registration fee. Enrolment and payment of fee is mandatory.

Once the registration fee has been paid, candidates who have not previously been enrolled at the University of Iceland, get an e-mail and password at the University Centre Service desk (Háskólatorg) to gain access to the Uglan, the University of Iceland’s intranet. It is very important that students connect to the Uglan regularly and use their University e-mail as it is a public means of communication within the  University; in particular between schools and faculties and their students.

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